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April 8th, 2008, 18:58
My answer to the poll is necessarily skewed by my limited exposure to older RPGs.
  • I never got to know any Ultima games in their heyday (except Ultima Online), and I haven't played through any of them yet. I still intend to do this with U7 Black Gate with Exult. One day. Maybe .
  • I know that neither Wizardry 7 or 8 grabbed me enough to play them further than a few minutes in.
  • Might & Magic is a serious contender, but I only know VI (which I loved), VII (which I quite liked, but less than VI) and VIII (which I dropped after the first 10 minutes). I think it finalizes as my personal number 3 series.
  • I never played any Realms of Arkania game, although I once started Shadows over Riva, and I didn't like the antics of the game.
  • I've never even seen a Gold Box game.
  • I only know TES: Morrowind (which I loved) and Oblivion (which bored me), which would still make it my personal number 2 series.
  • I probably lose my geek license by admitting to never having seen any Fallout game.
  • I absolutely loved both Baldur's Gate games. This makes this series my personal winner by default, I guess .
  • Gothic. Don't beat me, but I hated the controls. That's probably my loss, but it still means that I have never played any of the games more than a few minutes. They are still on the list of my "have to play this one day" list (which might mean that they will never get touched.)
  • NWN? The first one was not that cool as a game (I'm not counting the editor). The expansions were better, and they brought me to finish the main game . The second single player campaign was slightly more engaging, and I got pretty near to the end with this one. Which still means that I didn't finish it . So no vote for this one.
That leaves the BG series for me. And I notice that I'm a notorious "never finish anything" gamer. OK, that's not true, but I haven't finished quite a few titles.
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