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April 8th, 2008, 20:23
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
Their main drawback is that they are extremely linear and very lacking in actual roleplaying. In a way they are like Icewind dale, tonnes of tactical combat in an ADD setting.
That is the main problem. The whole game is just nothing but combat after combat. Characters are just spaceholders for ubergear, for without it they are useless.

Combat is still fun but whether that alone can keep the interest alive while playing through the whole series (9+1 hillsfar) is another question. The main fallback of the series back then allready was that they just copied it again and again. There was even a saying for the series back then called "SSDD" which meant "same shit, different dungeon".

Also one fairly dated feature of the series imho is the conversations. The text of the discussion isnt present in the game but in book/pdf/txt-file. During discussion you get a number and then you have to alt-tab to txt-file / pdf / book and try find that number from there to read what the npc is saying.

Nowadays I can find only two full cd copies of ad&d series from internet on sale. First one is incomplete and costs around 70$. Another is complete but price is double ~ 150€. Those golden boxes sure are pretty though.

The best SSI rpgs I played in the DOS era were the Darksun games, but they arent in the poll.
I never played those two, but apart from the bugs I heard they were good in som ways.
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