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April 9th, 2008, 17:30
Why would you need alignment? I am going to work it the same as in real life. You perform an action or say something in a certain way and people will remember that.

Arbitrary example : If I offer a scenario where you betray a friend, the friend will remember that you betrayed him. Simple. No need to track your alignment. When you talk to the friend he will tell you to piss off/be antagonistic. Etc etc. Other characters who might know of the situation will react based on how they view your betrayal of your friend. So if you choose a whole bunch of options which make you out to be a treacherous scumbag, people aren't going to act as if you are the virtuous hero come to save their kitty trapped in a tree.

In the context of SoW it will be more about your time in the military, how you acted and what you did during the war.
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