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November 13th, 2006, 17:11
First Coriwn let me say great article, I've been thinking exactly the same thing. I disagree on one point. I don't think there is roleplaying in any single player game at least not currently. Because to me true roleplaying is using your own imagination. In a SP game you can only choose between predefined dialog and see how a pre-written story evolves. This could change in the future with for example a neural network.. which would be very interesting… but currently we are not there for SP games.

As far as multiplayer goes. The only game I found which offered truly great roleplaying was text-based games. ( Before someone cover in horror and stop reading, at least read why I think so ) The reason is that here, I can write the description of my truly unique character, create any kind of EQ I want him to have create the enviroment you want to have around you. Your actions are not predefined by the animations the character can do or the limit of emotes in a list. The world can constanly evolve, any environment is immidietly changeable. On top of that the people is simply great. In the average MMORPG for each good RP'er there's at least 100 noobs who just want to kill. The people who take the time to play a text based game are ussually great roleplayers. Neverwinter nights has a huge limitation, it doesn't have a constant world, when you stop one campaign you can keep the same character but the numbers of participating players is highly limited as well. IMHO there is no MMORPG or other game in multiplayer that currently has a chance to compare to the best text based roleplaying games. I playe one for 7 years, unfortunatly it had to shut down because people took it too seriously they'd flame the creator like crazy just because he changed something in a way they didn't like. After it shutdown I just couldn't find anything nearly as good as this…. so I stopped. My rating of WOW would be 2/10 as a roleplaying game ( yes I know about the RP servers ) the text game would get 10/10… no other game has given me so much fun… not even close.

and your wizard won’t be very effective running around in plate mail armour, but is this ‘really’ playing a role?
Really, in Oblivion I found this kind of wizard the most effective of any class I tried if you're a master in heavy armor it works really great Just goes to show how flawed this game is…..
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