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April 10th, 2008, 12:34
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
That is the main problem. The whole game is just nothing but combat after combat. Characters are just spaceholders for ubergear, for without it they are useless.
The bolded part is 2nd edition AD&D in a nutshell (BG characters are also more often than not defined by their gear) I agree that the Goldbox 9 are pretty insignificant as RPGs, which is why I compared them to IWD. The adventure journal thingy was a copy protection scheme that I actually didnt mind too much. My point on the interface was that it is fairly clean and doesnt require a lot of clicking through menus and such (compared to say the combat interface of Realms of Arkania).

I got the full collection for about 15 euros in the late 90s, a great deal. Getting them was compulsory as PoR and the first two Krynn games were old favourites from my teenage years.

The Darksun games have a lot more dialogue, some puzzles, and an isometric view. And the first one (I had some frame rate issues with the second one and didnt get very far into it) was roughly as open ended as the BG games.
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