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April 11th, 2008, 18:08
Originally Posted by Zakhary View Post
Hmm.. I might have to skip Asimov alltogether, then.
I read the first foundation book (in finnish) when I was a lot younger.
I did not really "get" what was so fantastic about it. TBH it bored the phuck out of me. All the characters seemed paper thin and it did not have any of those "mind-blowing" moments that I really love in SF. It is true, of course, that I might have missed most of the substance in it due to my young age back then.
IIRC it had tons and tons of dull conversations and intricate politics.
Perhaps just not my cup of tea.
The Foundation trilogy has aged better IMO because its ideas have survived better. Psychohistory is still an intriguing concept, the decline of a great empire and the emergence of a new one from its ashes is as valid a story premise now as it was then. But it does have all of Asimov's weaknesses, too, only slightly mitigated by the fact that he had to work harder at editing and polishing them than his later books, when he was churning out a couple of them a year.
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