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April 11th, 2008, 18:31
The Foundation series really picks up in the second book with the introduction of The Mule. To me though, these are just good light reading with some interesting concepts with an interesting examination of expansionism. It invents the Roman Empire in space idea that was picked up by Star Trek, etc. (note one of the character's names was Han Pritchard. Foudnation is basically Ireland.

The most notable features of the series are its lack of any aliens (reflecting Asimov's humanism even at that young age), lack of any sort of romance (boring!), and the use of telling the story entirely in conversations.


The robot short stories are ok but they are best as background stories to the later books. You will see tributes to Asimov in the 'Droids in Star Wars (which he hated), Robocop, Terminator 2, etc. Right now I'm have a problem with the Second Law on my computer here so I have some tinkering to do.
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