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April 11th, 2008, 20:35
I'm going to repeat myself here and recommend Alastair Reynolds to everyone interested in epic science fiction.


Those interested should begin with the first book in the "revelation space universe".

For some reason they like to call it "hard sf" but I don't feel that way. This quote propably sums it up best "Gonzo cybergoth space opera: intensely compelling; darkly intelligent; hugely ambitious" - Paul J McAuley

The books just get better and better with each one. They are epic, mind-blowing, dark, chilling and intelligent. They are very grand-scale and do not waste time with romances or getting into a character's personal issues etc etc…

And the aliens are great. They are really alien. Not just "Englishmen in funny costumes" (as PJ aptly put it) like in all the crap in TV they call SF nowadays, or all the crap that has the word "star" in the beginning. They are odd and strange and, in this case, send shivers down your spine.

All the books by Mr.Reynolds are available from all the major bookdealers
in paperback at a very low price.. which is nice. The translator here in finland has done a very good job translating them… but I like to buy them in English.
I did read the first two in finnish.

Excellent stuff. Very, very good.

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