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November 13th, 2006, 22:09
*scratches head* I'm not sure if these folks and I played the same games…

While their greatest Oblivion moment was stepping into the light, my greatest Oblivion moment was when Prior Maborel's horse and I fell off a mountain peak, and the horse landed on top of me. Both died. No sir, my greatest 'stepping into the light' moment defintely was in Deus Ex, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

While their greatest Dark Messiah moment was being frozen solid, my greatest Dark Messiah moment was stepping into Stonehelm and recognizing Arkane's rock-solid visual style (the guards!). On the other side, I had my greatest 'frozen solid' moments in Hexen, so I was not impressed by this DMoMM experience at all.

While their greatest Thief moment was Constantine's icky mansion, my greatest Thief moment was meeting my first Hammer Haunt - I was frozen solid IRL. Didn't dare to move and nearly lost control of my bladder.

Overall I must say that I do agree with the Games Radar folks to a certain extent (when it comes to DOAX or Half-Life, for example), but personally I found most of what they deem noteworthy rather trivial… definitely not the best moments in my gaming life.
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