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November 13th, 2006, 22:14
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
Yes, thank you for bringing that up as I forgot it in my first point… it was kind of a problem. But some people would get so into the mud that they forget their real-friends, their real-life and even to sleep. Kind of like world of warcrafts does to some people. But this addiction was different in some ways I think. It was not the "I just need to do another quest thing, gain some more xp… get some more gold" It was I want to keep roleplaying this wounderful character I created a bit longer. It's cute and funny how a rather large part of the mud got married on there at first… and after that proceded to get married in real life. No wounder people took the changes to the place so seriusly.
I didn't think it was a bad thing then nor do I now--you're quite right about it being more like the creative side of the psyche coming out as opposed to plain unadulterated greed! I think it was just the call of kindred spirits--and it required a lot of mental energy. Some of the challenges and puzzles these people devised for each other were quite tortuous. But it can always be too much for some people--too much better than the world they are supposed to be living in, which is not nearly as much fun.
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