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April 18th, 2008, 16:49
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I've goofed on Oblivion just as much as the next guy… but really, if you add one of the total conversion mods, like Oscuro's, perhaps a combat mod and a few other tweak mods here and there, it's really not a bad gaming experiance. Given, the lack of meaningful dialogue is surely missed, but modded up like that, especially with the lvl scaling issues fixed by the mods, the pace of the game and the first person combat is actually pretty good… far better than Gothic 3 combat, and only a little worse than Mount & Blade.

My major grip now is the use of only four or five actors for the numerous NPCs in the game, and those butt ugly faces… (although I think there's a mod for that, too) I really would have prefered reading the dialogues than listening to those bland, charactorless voices. Jez, those actors could have at least tried to vary their accents a bit from NPC to NPC… they are, after all, actors, right? Jon Luc Picard notwithstanding…

Anyone else give Oblivion a second chance?
Yes, I've tried several times, and each time found it to suck even more than the time before. The graphics don't even look all that good to me any longer, and all look WAY WAY too much alike. It feels more and more to me like Bethesda's only real involvement with the game was to set a basic storyline and buy all of the engines which they merely tacked together as they apparently lack any development staff capable of optimizing their toys, and farmed out all of the content to third parties or bought pre-packaged items. Apparently they did this as well with Morrowind given that their licensing didn't allow usage of what they bought contentwise in their other games, and had an even more poorly optimized engine than the Oblivious version. They didn't even bother to extend the rendering engine in netimmerse to offload more to a GPU if possible! Then look at what modders did to both my adding Morrowind Script Extender, Oblivion Script Extender, and Morrowing Graphics Extender(?)?!

Also, I found the clicky interface in which skills/stats were ONLY used as damage modifier or unlockers to grate on me more with every attempt at playing Oblivion, so I'm still looking for mods that change the RPG system to be something more like Morrowind's where stats/skills are actually used to determine success/failure of actions modified by fatigue and other factors. (So, I'm back to playing Morrowind with MGE, Mad Leveller's mod, and some others.)
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