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April 19th, 2008, 11:13
Originally Posted by Zakhary View Post
Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons contains the following games from the Dungeons and Dragons Series:
- Neverwinter Nights + Exp 1 & 2
- Icewind Dale + Exp 1
- Icewind Dale 2
- Baldurs Gate + Exp 1
- Baldurs Gate 2 + Exp 1
- Temple of Elemental Evil
- Demonstone
- Dragonshard
Temple of elemental evil and dragonshard might be worth getting (demonstone not). Rest I just own except baldurs gate 1 + exp1. Sad thing is I had two copies but the disks of both versions were so worn they simply didnt work anymore.

Originally Posted by Zakhary View Post
Then for the older stuff:
This - http://www.mobygames.com/game/gamefe…ealms-classics
Is still available here in Finnish online stores for basically pocket money,
so might be a good buy for anyone wanting to own those games - even as a part of a cheap re-release.
Good compilation just for the beholders and hillsfar but it does not have ALL gold box games. Its missing the key dragonlance epic (based on the bestseller fantasy books): Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, and The Dark Queen of Krynn.

Why they didnt include it is just beyond me. Youll meet the characters of the books in that series so Im sure any fan of the bookseries would want to have that too.

Also this compilation is a remake that does not have printed manual. The ingame texts in gold box games are in the manual so you need to alt-tab to windows to check them every now and then while playing.

There are lots of printed manuals for this set in sale though in amazon and ebay. Just look for books. They cost from few dollars to twenty dollars.

The only full compilation (well okay it doesnt include hillsfar) of gold box games is
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collector's Edition):

It has full hardcopy manuals but you can only get it from auctions if youre lucky. Its called as ad&d 9 game or advanced dungeon dragon collector in ebay etc. I was able to plunder factory sealed version of this last week for 46€ so I guess its possible if you just keep taps on ebay.

But you need to get hillsfar too. You can play with pool of radiance characters in hillsfar before exporting them on to curse of azure bonds.
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