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April 20th, 2008, 19:21
dte, if you decide to give Spiritualized another chance, definitely go with Lazer Guided Melodies, an amazing album, IMO. Shine A Light and 200 Bars are pretty good songs.

I've never seen them live, I went to a Neil Young concert here in Columbus, and the vendors were selling 'Spiritualized' gear and I saw that and I'm freaking out. I'm like 'What's up with the Spiritualized gear?" The guy said "yeah that's the opening act" and it wasn't on the ticket. I show up late for concerts as a rule, and totally missed seeing them play. I had been listening to them for like 15 years, and put a load in my drawers when I found out they had already played.

To make things even more amusing, I missed them AGAIN when they opened for The Jesus and Mary Chain. This was the Lazer Guided Melodies tour, and we had a group set to meet up to see the Mary Chain concert, and I walked in and my sister was "Oh you just missed the best opening band I've ever seen. Spiritualized. Now 20 years later I can't believe I missed it. Oh well.

I can definitely understand somebody not getting into Spiritualized, but Lazer Guided Melodies is pretty good, if that's your style.

Oh well just rambling.
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