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April 20th, 2008, 20:23
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Yeah, I know visitors can vote in the polls, but the rate of several hundred new votes a day seems a little steep--still, it does seem logical that BG and Fallout be up at the top. Ultima having quintuple the votes of Gothic, M&M, Wizardry and TES seems a bit unusual, though.
I think that the polls look pretty much like I would have expected it. Yes, I don't know quite a few of the games involved: I never tried a Gold Box game, I didn't play Fallout, and I don't know much about the old Ultima titles. But I can see how those titles with low votes got low votes.

Ultima is simply a legend and will always get many votes in polls like this. I guess that some people even vote for the series without knowing the games because they want to be part of the cool kids (typical voter dynamics). Ultima IX is mostly forgotten, because there is still Ultima Online with many fans.

I think the Baldur's Gate games are simply good. I've played both of them numerous times, and I still like them. And a result of 30% of the votes is not that overwhelming.
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