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April 21st, 2008, 00:36
dte thanks for the heads up on Emerald Down. I'm usually pretty 'up' on the local music scene, but that's one I missed. I don't go see live bands as much as I used to, but a quick Amazon search tells me it's probably something I'd like. I'll definitely give them a listen. I know a guy at a local record shop at Ohio State and haven't seen him in ages and have been meaning to pay a visit; I'll drop in and ask him about that band.

Oh and another good 'breakup' record I just thought of is Mazzy Star 'So Tonight That I Might See' depressing as heck, but pretty good. That along with Mazzy Star's follow-up 'Among My Swan' and you should have more than enough 'woe is me' music. 'Happy', 'Fade Into You' and if you're REALLY down, put 'Cry, Cry' on repeat and wallow away. 'Halah' from their first record fits the bill as well. Really pretty songs, though.


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