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April 22nd, 2008, 23:24
There's lots of things that might prevent them from doing a demo.

A: Microsoft said no. An early PC demo would violate Xbox exclusivity.

B: The demo would still be fricking huge, since they'd have to link in most of the video and audio resources. Who wants a 3 gig demo?

C: Spending a month making a demo is a month not spent tuning and testing the game. They want us to have the bestest possible experience. Really, this is for our own good.

D: The game has stability issues, and even the trimmed down and revised radiant AI is keeping them from having a playable game. They'll be lucky to have a stable game when they ship -- a demo would only showcase their problems.

E: They're worried that a demo would actually lower sales. The game doesn't live up to the hype, and they need to maximize sales in the first week on the shelf.

F: They hate RPG fans (and at this point, who can blame them), and are refusing to make a demo just to tweak our noses. After all, this game isn't for RPG fans, it's for the mass market.

Okay, so 'F' is maybe a bit cynical, but really, this game isn't for us.
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