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November 14th, 2006, 15:39
I'm not saying what your opinions where wrong, just showing a different perspective on what roleplaying is. I personally didn't roleplay at all in PST because the game did it all for me. The background was set, the choices were mostly set, etc. If you compare that with ToEE, a game that had crap dialgue and a weak story, you get two opposite ends of the spectrum. Most people here would say ToEE was weak on role-playing aspects, but it was perfect for how I play games, as I fill in the motivations with make-believe party banter bewteen my characters. I had a paladin leave the one of my groups because everyone was making fun of him for being such a conservative stickler, and that screwed everyone else because we needed him for the end fights, and they all got slaughtered at the boss frog fight.

I'm not saying your wrong and I'm right. In fact, most people want the computer to take the place of imagination I would say. Chances are the fact I have make-believe conversations filled with high drama with made-up fully fleshed characters on a crpg makes me a little (or a lot) retarded. But thats how I have fun, and thats how I believe role-playing on a crpg should be, or at least supported. I would love a backstep to the good old days of one word ambigious answers to npcs from party members. But everyone wants 100% voice acted fully fleshed out, pregenerated responses to choose from, that I feel put words in to one of my characters mouth and forces the character to say or do things they would actually never do.

I can see why the voice acted, pregenerated route would be appealing, I just believe its the antethesis of roleplaying.
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