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April 24th, 2008, 05:23
Originally Posted by Santos View Post
The fact that Starcraft was not on that list is a travesty; though, admittedly, I'm not sure what I would have cut to add it in. I remember playing it and, often, thinking, "The writing in this is better than most novels being printed today." Watching Kerrigan hatch from that chrysalis was down-right creepy.

I couldn't agree more. While most RTS games aren't very strong in the story department, Starcraft's story was simply incredible. That story alone will be the reason I buy Starcraft 2.

Other thoughts….

GTA: San Andreas has no business being on that list.

I thought it was strange for them to include Fallout 2 over Fallout 1.

Portal was a great choice, definitely deserving.

Planescape goes without saying….

….not so sure about KotOR though.

Great to see Final Fantasy VI on there, definitely one of the best stories ever for a console game.

*Edit* Just want to add that I have mixed feelings about Bioshock being on the list. While I enjoyed the game and thought it had a great story, I'm not sure if I'd consider it among the best of all time. I think most people would agree that either of the System Shock games could have been more deserving.
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