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November 14th, 2006, 18:57
I don't agree that there is a scoring inflation problem with most major sites. If you read Gameespot's site, you'll see a huge spectrum of review scores. There might be a preponderance of scores in the 7-9 range, but that's because lots and lots of games on the shelves are moderately enjoyable but not superb, and therefore deserve that score. Just about everything that I have played by EA in the past five years fits that description. X-play reviews games fairly too. I think that 1up.com and the other ZD sites are basically "fixing" a problem that doesn't exist.

Also, some of these complaints for this game about the AI and the graphics piss me off, because those problems were plain and obvious there in the first game (perhaps even worse), but pretty much every reviewer overlooked them and did nothing but spooj all over that overrated game. NWN was also very bug-ridden when it was released and had a corrupted save game bug for at least a few months. I was worried that this was going to happen. This is a typical trend in the game reviewing business. The first game of a series gets hyped ridiculously and overrated. The second game then gets pummeled for faults that the first game had but the reviewers "forgot" to mention. NWN 2 is the better game hands down but the reviews aren't nearly as stellar. It gets basically no credit for restoring true D&D gameplay, which hasn't shown up in a game since Temple of Elemental Evil and hasn't shown up with a quality story and NPC's since Baldurs Gate 2.
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