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November 14th, 2006, 20:39
@doc and txa:
You two are actually arguing past each other, in a manner of speaking. It's a matter of defining what you mean by "average". txa is using "average" in the more mathmatical sense, assuming that the number of "average scores given" should equate to the number of "average games". Doc is using "average" in the more aesthetic sense, focusing on the quality of any given game as measured against more abstract ideas of quality of craftsmanship and fun rather than strictly against all other comprable games. So, you're both right.

The real quesiton is, should a game reviewer assign scores based on where that score will place the game in the spectrum of other like games? Or should he or she assign a score based on where he or she thinks the game rates against the ideas of craftsmanship and fun.
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