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November 14th, 2006, 22:28
"For me, the worst examples of CRPG’s are those which present the player with no character choice whatsoever. Instead, you begin with some sort of pre-generated character which you are then expected to role-play. How can I, a somewhat elderly male, be asked to realistically play a female teenager? Sorry, but my creativity does not extend quite that far. That’s NOT to say it makes for a poor GAME, it’s just not a ROLE-playing game for me."

So to you, Betrayal at Krondor is not an RPG? I find that ludicrous. True, the inability to create a character limits imagination. On the other hand, one can develop the characters that fall under one's control in great detail, thus offseting the disadvantage entirely. In fact, it could be argued that roleplaying characters forced upon oneself is more rewarding, because one is not tempted to shape their personality after one's own while creating them, and one must adapt to their particular flaws. It is a healthy way to dissuade powergaming; in IWD, on the other hand, it is hard to resist the urge of building a 18-strength warrior - a prodigy! - , while the game, focused on dungeon crawling, encourages one to proceed in such fashion.

"But, the question must be asked: Is it worth the trouble? Apparently, publishers don't think so. They seem perfectly happy with funding linear, action-based cRPGs where the focus is placed squarely on stats and the accumulation of new armor and weaponry. Btw, these action-based games have more in common with the old Rogue-based games like Angband, Moria, and Ragnarok than they do with D&D. I would lump Obsidian in this pile, as Daggerfall was essentially designed to be Rogue in 3D."

I don't like where you're heading with this. These contemporary action RPGs should NEVER be compared to roguelikes. The latter are not straightforward in the least, presenting instead complex gameplay in which there are consequences to one's actions, in which the world is rich and surprising, and in which many modes of play are possible besides senseless hack and slash.
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