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April 30th, 2008, 21:04
I voted for the BG series on account of the BG expansion (I though BG was just good, the expansion made it more fun) and BG2 (can you say "epic quest"?).

But that's still not too definitive for me since aside from Fallout, I haven't played the other series completely. Loved Wizardry 8, one of my faves but only played that and Wizardry 3 which didnt leave an impression.

Played the first 3 Ultimas but wow….so long ago. Sadly missed out on 7 which everyone is always raving about.

Played Pool of Radiance and Secret Of The Silver Blades when they came out and had a lot of fun with both but I'm sure replaying those GB games wouldn't be the same today - and didn't play the other games in the series.

Never played any of the M&M games or ROA.

NWN was terrible, NWN2 was just solid.

Fallout 1 was awesome, Fallout 2 never played to completion, couldn't keep my interest.

Gothic 2 was pretty good but didn't play the first or 3rd.

Really liked Morrowind, hated Oblivion (who didn't?), stayed away from Daggerfall after hearing about the bugfest it was, only tried recently to play Arena but couldn't get it to run properly.

So the BG series gets my vote by default.

That being said, Planescape: Torment rocked
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