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November 14th, 2006, 23:26
As others have said there really isnt any roleplay in single player rpgs. I think the closest we had was Ultima IV (even without the ability to really craft your own character) you were thrust into the role of being a hero and had to act appropriately. But even then it didn't really allow for the character of the player to come through. And I doubt that any crpg will ever allow for that because there are limits to the dev's imaginations, and to the technology which we have today.

In multiplayer though the roleplay is basically limited to the interactions between the players. The gameworld is a static place and has to be that way because everyone has a "right" to the content for all intents and purposes. Then of course there are the different camps of roleplayers that make life miserable for people that don't RP their way, which in turn turns roleplayers against each other and turns off potential roleplayers.
Things may change eventually, but I dont have alot of hope for it. The dev teams aren't really focused on making truly groundbreaking innovative games anymore, as they are more interested in the dollar amount that their competitors make. Sure there are companies like Bioware out there that are basically our last best hope but, Bethesda ,once upon a time, was a bastion of hope as well.
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