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November 15th, 2006, 01:17
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
So Oblivion isn't an rpg because there is no way for him to say what to have the character he is roleplaying do as he could in a pen and paper rpg, or in real crpgs like ToEE.
Roqua, you wrote in a previous post that you roleplay your characters, that you use your imagination for make-believe, etc (the TOEE example). The same can be done in OB. My main character is primarily a fighter who fights only with swords (because he prefers swords, not because axes are blunt weapons or because Bethsoft took out spears) and who uses magic for ancillary needs like healing. If this were D&D he'd be a paladin. At one time during a quest I found myself in a isolated house with three hostile women; I knew they were about to attack me and because it was early in the game and my PC was rather weak and I was nervous, I unsheated my weapon before they made a move and therefore my first kill was recorded as a murder. When you murder someone in OB you get a night visit by a member of the dark brotherhood inviting you in his guild. My PC never went, because he's not that kind of person (he has a heart of gold, really). Isnt that RP ?

Originally Posted by roqua View Post
In Oblivion and other non-rpg action games of that ilk, your character's skill doesn't dictate if s/he is a master swordsman, your personal skill does.Maybe its fun, or funner, or even the funnest way to do it, but its not an rpg when alls said and done.
I understand perfectly what you're saying and I pretty much share the same opinion, however, having 100 strength and 100 in sword-skill makes you a better fighter than a player with 20 in strength and sword-skill in all RPGs with action elements. Your twitch skill is only a part of the total equation, and in some games like OB it's actually the lesser. And I find TB combat more fun than any other kind.
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