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May 6th, 2008, 16:16
Ok, some points.
First one: kudos for not needing the DVD to play the game.
Second: I rather have that copy protection than the Two Worlds one (yeah, it might be cool for someone who doesn't change much in their hardware system, but for passionate hardware freaks like myself it's just stupid and annoying).
Third: I really don't understand the need to reconnect. Something like steam should work fine.

At last, I have to say that I take an online copy protection (like steam) any day over some stupid fucked up CD/DVD copy protection. I look at you World in Conflict or The Witcher. Both those games require me to shut down my process explorer because both of them use the same f***ed up protection (it's SecuRom, if I'm not mistaken and I do hope that this problem has been taken care of in the mean time).
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