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May 6th, 2008, 18:35
What "hoops?"

I'm cool with this. I'd much rather have on-line CP than drive-based CP -- that just breaks with operating system updates, mucks up the hardware, *and* requires the annoyance of swapping DVD's.

And yeah, I'd love it if they came up with a business model that didn't need copy protection, yadda yadda yadda, but as long as they don't, and as long as piracy is as rampant as it is, it's something I can live with -- *if* it doesn't inconvenience me, open security holes in my computer, or compromise my privacy. This appears to be less inconvenient than most schemes and doesn't appear to have any of the real problems either.

And no, I cannot believe that there are a significant number of potential Mass Effect players who can't open up an Internet connection once a week after installing the game, even if they're on dialup. You need moderately serious hardware to play it in the first place, which means you can afford it. I could've done it from Kyiv in 1999, and I don't believe for a moment you can't do it from Moscow in 2008.
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