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May 6th, 2008, 18:48
All this hazy justification of strict copy protection measures by saying they're a means to fight piracy is utter bollocks. If people like a game, it'll sell regardless of protection. C.f. Oblivion, which had no protection at all and still sold shitloads (no arguements on whether it's a good game or not, please). Not to mention the fact that the protection will be pawned eventually -- usually sooner than later.

In general, game developers should focus on bringing out quality titles that actually deliver some value instead of wasting time/money/resources on useless copy protection and also alienating their fan and customer base along the way. It was just recently that Crytek also moaned about how piracy was killing their sales of Crysis. I say if they had put some depth and variety into the gameplay instead of essentially releasing a tech demo that only a select few can run at high-fidelity visuals, they might have made more bucks.

I have said this before, now I'm repeating it: BioWare have become a bunch of bitches.
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