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May 7th, 2008, 02:01
I find it interesting that Derek French has been pretty good about answering questions about the copy protection, even answering repeated questions with patience, but has completely ignored any requests about the ability to deactivate to free up an activation "slot", including mine in the Securom FAQ sticky.

I'm hoping that that is because he doesn't know and intends to find out, but I'd prefer him to actually say that rather than evade. While I'm not happy at all about the scheme, I'm willing to tolerate it if deactivation is possible. But everyone has to have their own line in the sand, and the ability to deactivate is where I draw mine.

And it's not at all just about Mass Effect. For PC gamers, like it or not, EA is going to be a potent publishing force for the foreseeable future. So I can only hope that they can be guided away from such draconian measures.
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