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May 7th, 2008, 02:41
Originally Posted by mogwins View Post
There's also the limit on the number of times you can install this. I don't know about you, but I've got games that I've installed/uninstalled a great number of times on a great number of machines down the years (Fallout, Torment and Wizardry 8 spring to mind), which wouldn't be allowed under this new protection scheme. Screw that. I bought the game, I should be allowed to install/uninstall it as I see fit.
Originally Posted by Guhndahb View Post
I find it interesting that Derek French has been pretty good about answering questions about the copy protection, even answering repeated questions with patience, but has completely ignored any requests about the ability to deactivate to free up an activation "slot", including mine in the Securom FAQ sticky.
Mogwins, there is no limit on the number of installs on the same hardware. Guhndahb, Derek French has answered this:

Originally Posted by "Derek French
There is the misconception that this is based on installation and it is not. You can install and uninstall as many times as you like. It all comes down to when you run the MassEffect.exe program. In the quoted example above, reinstalling on the same computer will not reduce the activation count. Its not based on installation. […]

It doesn't, as we wrote the installer and I have installed and uninstalled MEPC about 5 times a day during normal builds and installer testing for the past 3 months. I have never done anything more than the initial activation and the game has always played for me.

I have also Shift+Delete'd my "C:\games\Mass Effect\" directory a few times.

And I changed my video card out, once.

You guys can bypass it; I'm going to enjoy not worrying about the DVD, which I'm comfortable trading for an online check every 10 days. I'm a slow player, but even it takes me a couple of months, that's only half a dozen checks - I can live with that.
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