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May 7th, 2008, 03:23
1. Torrent-class piracy cannot be stopped (outside of collectivist facist state or at least total ban on personal computers). If protection technology becomes too much for idealistic release groups, forces with financial interest step in (people have to sell burners, blankets etc …)

2. "Piracy" (below counter, "asia") cannot be stopped at all. Organised crime has been dealing with things that are actually harmful, disgusting and not accepted by the general population for millenia (human trafficking etc). "Bans", "Crackdowns", "Wars on [SIN]" drive up profits (fundamental principle of supply / demand) and either deliver the killing blow (governments … success … heh) or make them stronger.

So is copy protection about piracy? Not at all, at least not about piracy as we understand it. Its about "casuals" and controll. Not sure wether there is a big conspiracy behind it, but its certainly not rational from a longterm business POV.

Take a look here how evil library pirates have been destroying the printing business since 1455:


Next rant: freeloading ad-blocker piracy punks are ruining the internet.
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