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May 7th, 2008, 02:30
Being an actor means to imitate someone or something they are not. It doesnt so much come from spontanous inspiration as from LONG training! Taking the extreme, this guy who played Hitler in his last days, watched Hitler in films and listened to his speech records over and over. So its not as he plays a feeling on a whim, but mimicks something with long training. And he is paid for it.

Playing a RPG however I dont train a role, I find myself suddenly in a situation I have no trained way of reacting, so I must react spontanous, so I cant see how I could conjure up some artificial identity. Why should I? Whats so interesting about RPGs for me is, seeing myself in situations I would normally not be. Anything else would just not interest me, as it would be mere fancy.

And as I said, I dont see actors do anything but train to copy personality BEHAVIOR they see in others. Its a mere show. What fun there would be to pretend to be evil a RPG is beyond me, but if some like it I dont care either.
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