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May 7th, 2008, 07:48
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Guhndahb, Derek French has answered this:
I read all of his posts, including that one, but, at least by my interpretation, it does not have any bearing on my concerns. With activation schemes I insist on the ability to deactivate to free up an activation. There's no good reason for that to be unavailable. I tolerate it with MS with disgust because I have no choice, but refuse to tolerate it with anyone else.

I'm a tinkerer, and I tinker quite a bit on my gaming system. I do not want to worry about hardware (or even software) changes like I already have to with MS products. He tries to trivialize that issue by saying that his changes haven't caused a need for reactivation. But I find that unacceptable. Windows activation has required reactivation for me a number of times when I didn't even make true hardware changes. Do they use a different hardware ID system? Yes, of course. It could be better, it course be worse, but it matters a great deal less if I can just deactivate before making any significant changes to my system.
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