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May 7th, 2008, 11:57
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
Maybe you could fill me in on their need. Is it the need to delay pirates from distributing their game for the first 6 hours after its release, while inconveniencing everyone who pays for the game? Forever?
I was aiming for a little bit of emphasis with those Asterisk, but your comment is on the right track.

Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
What "hoops?"
Not my best analogy (or is that Idiom?). The install limit will hit those that change machines or hardware around (though the same machine appears to be fine).
I'm also soon to be in a situation where I'll have minimal dial-up to access the net, if anything other than what I get at work.

There is that little extra effort here, and potential to have your key revoked or things go wrong that just makes this scenario undesirable.

I'm quite fine with account authorisation solutions like steam though. Much more liberal on what they allow, and (unless it crashes and kills the clientregistry.blog file) okay to go in offline more.

But who knows? They might get it right this time. Either way, they need to do a lot to convince me of my $ to put up with it.
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