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May 7th, 2008, 12:02
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
Not one protection scheme will stop piracy even if you put vital data on a server and make you access the internet to access it. Not even making it like an mmo but single player will work. The first idea will fail since the data needs to go to your computer to use it so can be captured from the internet and then the game would be cracked to check for the data on the local computer.

The only way to lower piracy is to make the games like mmo's and have a monthly fee so that they can hire people to generate content.
Guild wars sold 5 million and the game does not have any monthly fees or any noticeable amount of new content every month. Its also very much playable as a single player game and many play it like that too. Also som of its sp content is so good it actually raises above average sp crpg.

Another future protection is naturally hardware one like in the current generation of consoles. Its just a matter of time until the gaming alliance of hardware/software manufactures puts hardware level copyprotection into pc too. In the newest consoles it has worked really well.

I believe firmly that in future pirating of pc games will diminish with these new protections and we will see a new golden era of pc gaming when all that money becomes available to developers.
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