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May 7th, 2008, 13:03
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Another future protection is naturally hardware one like in the current generation of consoles. Its just a matter of time until the gaming alliance of hardware/software manufactures puts hardware level copyprotection into pc too. In the newest consoles it has worked really well.

I believe firmly that in future pirating of pc games will diminish with these new protections and we will see a new golden era of pc gaming when all that money becomes available to developers.
I don't believe hardware protection would happen either, that would mean killing the consoles market. The only reason Nintendo Microsoft and Sony build and sell consoles is because they know they'll be holding software makers by the throat and punction of huge a share of the software revenues in exchange of the "DRM method" (aka "consoles") they're providing. Consoles are just that, a hardware DRM, the controlers, the CPU, the graphic cards, the DVD player are just secondary perks to convince costumers to buy those DRMs.
And the only reason developers make console games and accept to give 30% of their profits to console manufacturers is because they're piracy free.
Why would Sony Microsoft and everyone else ever agree for a hardware DRM protection to install in every computer when that'll totally kill their console sales?
PC manufacturers don't need that to sell their computers anyway. Really that would only benefit software developers, so don't expect hardware companies to do something for them.

What will happen, or at least what should happen, is single player games becoming more like Guild Wars : all the vital information (saves, characters, advancement) is stored server-side and requires a unique account and password.

Any other software DRM added to the game.exe will be cleaned and removed by smarter crackers than the idiots from secuROM and those "fixed exe" will be available anywhere.
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