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November 15th, 2006, 06:51
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Aides, Krondor is a marvelous game which is still on my HD and which I still enjoy playing!! However, and I'm ready to be attacked on this, it is not a true RPG. It's a wonderful adventure game with tactical TB combat, that tells a great story with SOMEONE ELSE's characters, not mine!! It's an interactive novel, but I, personally, didn't 'identify' with the characters, they were forced upon me. I wasn't roleplaying, I was guiding characters through a story. To me, there's a difference. It's still one of my all time favourite games!!
I'm glad you think highly of the game. But don't you think that it is possible to identify with a character by reason of his interesting personality, even if he's not a personal creation? As stated in my previous post, I believe that the limits which are set by imposed characters encourage role-playing. For instance, such a character possesses a personal background from the beginning of the game: his deeds are rooted in the game world; his history not being the product of mere fancy, there might occur possibilities of role-play if, for example, he meets with acquaintances or reaches known places. Secondly, imposed characters often have particular weaknesses, quirks, and so forth, that might weaken them from a powergaming perspective, but enrich them as far as personality goes, in addition to increasing game difficulty.

Besides, I find your criteria for appraising RPGs somewhat narrow. It is not necessary to live the life of a character born of your fancy. It is enough to control a character with a - hopefully - fleshed-out personality and make him react in accordance with the latter, so as to *change* the surrounding world through his actions and words. What I mean is his "life" should be marked by significant events, such as perilous fights, alliances, betrayals, etc. He should have a determining influence upon his universe (which doesn't mean he must always be some hackneyed Chosen One). Going to pray at the local chapel, collecting flowers and whatnot can, I suppose, help immersion, but such acts are ultimately insignificant in the character's overall existence, and even more so if they are not endorsed by the game's mechanics (like it often happens in Morrowind!). "Acting out" a part in detail and role-playing shouldn't be confused. In fact, even in drama, only events and conversations of particular importance are portayed.
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