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May 8th, 2008, 12:10
I usually choose "Easy" if available. Especially when I play modern shooters, like Bioshock, Gears of War or Condemned. I'm not a big fan of shooter gameplay itself, and great hits of the past like Doom and Quake do not appeal to me - but their modern successors do. I just tune the less-wanted elements down.

When the game is hard and there's no way to tune difficulty down, it's really disappointing for me. I played GTA4 last weekend, reached about 40% completion and it became too hard for me: I failed a mission 3 times, took another one, failed twice, and after that…after that I went to the shop and got Kings Bounty(by the way, it's very good, hope they translate it soon so everyone can appreciate). That one is hard too, but that can hardly be annoying in a turnbased game.

Well maybe I'm not a hardcore gamer after all, I play games for fun, not for the challenge. While it is disappointing when there's no challenge at all in the game, being not able to complete the first level (that's common situation in console sidescrollers for me) is much more of a disappointment.
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