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May 8th, 2008, 18:03
Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Now i purchased the origianl titan quest game as i have forked over 10,000 of thousands of dollards over the years on games and moves and i still go to iso hunt

this particular game loved it by the way i did buy then i downloaded it because i couldnt find a crack i HATE having to place a disk in my computer every time i want to play a game it is so anoying if you want to know why so many people pirate games mabie look at the $100 price tag, the anoyances they have to go through to get a game to run "two worlds" for example- i reformated my computer and i can no longer run the game with out going through a LOT of BS. and more and more games are doing this,

your not Gaining sales by puting crappy restrictions on the game if there going to buy it there going to buy it if there going to download it free then there going to download it for free
the restriction were origanly put in place to stop me from giving it to my freinds 1 disk per person that is no longer the case, restriction are a waste of money, time, coding, space,hours, and you got bad reviews because someone cracked it incorectly - your falt loss of sales

you mention a ratio on console to pc and lets face it your talking out of your ass if the ratio is that big -and it isnt - then did you ever think it is because they purchased the game MONTHS BEFORE on the console and gotten sick of the game???
are you oncluding the Sites that alow you to LEAGLY download the game? and lets not forget not every one can afford $10,000 computers to play the latest and gratest games

rant and rave all you like about piracy but untill you learn how NOT TO TREAT EVERY ONE AS A THEIF live with it

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