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May 10th, 2008, 11:46
I don't understand where all the securom hate is coming from. I have had no problems playing NWN2, NWN, Jade Empire: SE or other titles with securom.

I can live with a one time activation through a valid cdkey - I'm used to this. When I signed up for this forum, I had to do the same, I think, activate my account over the net. This is just something similar…

For some people, they are not going to buy it because it uses securom or because they think you can only install it three times. Here's the good news: You can install it as many times you want as long as it on the same machine - the game's .exe file and securom are tied to your hardware identification, not the game's installer. (which was went wrong with Bioshock's activations, I think). This also means that you can have as many user accounts you want - as long as it is on the same computer where you have installed Mass Effect.

The big question is what the same computer means or what a significant hardware change means. I doubt even Bioware or EA know at this point.
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