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May 10th, 2008, 12:51
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
I don't understand where all the securom hate is coming from. I have had no problems playing NWN2, NWN, Jade Empire: SE or other titles with securom.

I can live with a one time activation through a valid cdkey - I'm used to this. When I signed up for this forum, I had to do the same, I think, activate my account over the net. This is just something similar…
Not quite, the problem is that SecuROM collides with certain rights customers are simply used to. For example the right of transfer of ownership. If you have only a limited amount of activations it will of of course much harder to sell a used game to another person, because there is no way to find out how many activations are left.

Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
For some people, they are not going to buy it because it uses securom or because they think you can only install it three times. Here's the good news: You can install it as many times you want as long as it on the same machine - the game's .exe file and securom are tied to your hardware identification, not the game's installer. (which was went wrong with Bioshock's activations, I think). This also means that you can have as many user accounts you want - as long as it is on the same computer where you have installed Mass Effect.

The big question is what the same computer means or what a significant hardware change means. I doubt even Bioware or EA know at this point.
Well, you have to see that for many people nowadays three activations (on different machines) are nothing. A lot of people have a desktop, and a laptop computer… they even might want to show a game to a friend and install it on his computer, etc. Moreover, such a copy protection limits the longevity of a game. Will you still have the same computer in five years that you have nowadays? I doubt it - there are people that upgrade every year.

Convenience is an important factor nowadays, and such a copy protection is not very comfortable. I had this problem with the digital download version NWN2. When I wanted to install it on my new computer it told me that I needed a new activation key… so I had to contact the company (via e-mail) that I bought the game from, they mailed me back, that they needed some info, etc… in any case it took a bit until I got my new key.

Is it thaaaat bad - I personally would say "no", but many customers out there see that differently. Nonetheless it is something that somehow narrows your customer rights, and that's not a good thing. A customer has the right to know what he buys, but statements like "a significant hardware change" are so blurry that the customer does not know what he gets for his cash.

And a last point, and for me that's the most important one, is that limited activation has absolutely nothing to do with an anti-piracy measure. That's what the unique cd-key and the online authentication are good for. Limited activation is directed against customers, but NOT against pirates - and that's the problem.
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