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May 10th, 2008, 22:04
I have been forced to rebuy games in the past. For instance I have 4 copies of ultima underworld, three copies of betrayal at krondor and three copies of baldur's gate. In all these cases the reason was that disk/discdrive had broken or became so scratched that i simply couldnt play it anymore.

The old 3,5 got bad sectors real easy and som of the old games like krondor had 10+ disks. If just one goes the whole game is gone. I had two disk drives and but both of those just ceased to work so I cant even try if any of my old disk games work.

As for CDs som of those simply got scratches eventually no matter what you did. Perhaps it was the cddrives. I had like four different models and all broke down too. Allthough it didnt help that you had to keep the pile of cds next to your computer incase you wanted to play another game.

With this new online thing i can keep my disks safe (no need to swap) in the gamebox on the shelf where they belong and freely call for more activations or use patch to remove the protection (official or unofficial).
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