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May 11th, 2008, 09:49
I wouldn't say Bioware and EA caved quickly.

Here is the original thread:


As you can see, it is started at May 3rd where olegdr asks what kind of copy protection/activation scheme would be used in Mass Effect for PC.

They caved in this thread:


on May 9th (in the morning Edmonton time, in the afternoon European time)

I won't say 6-7 days are a cave in too quickly. It would have been quickly, imo, if they caved Monday the 5th of May which they didn't. Before EA (and Bioware) caved there were about 100 pages with let's say about 12 post on average.
90% of these posts stated that the wouldn't buy the game because of the 10 day re-authentication. Now, EA can count, can't they. This means that about 1000 people (or more) wouldn't buy the game. However, several posters said that they had mentioned this to 3-4 (or even 5-6) of their friends and when these friends tell it to their friends, etc. EA know full well that this doesn't equal lost sales to the original thousand people, but more like is going equal lost sales in the area around
25,000 copies or more. And that's when they started to cave, I think.

I also strongly suspect that the military had something to with them changing their minds on the whole 10 day re-authentication thing. I have seen at least 10 (if not 20 posts or more) from guys in the military who are either going to Iraq, have been in Iraq and are going back to Iraq. I have also seen at least 5 single threads (if not 10 or more single threads) about this issue. It would be kind or ironic in a sad
way I think if a soldier couldn't play a game in which a soldier were a main character. Oh, and btw, I agree with Stromwaltz. We may be against the war, but we certainly shouldn't be against the soldiers - they just do what they're told. And if it can brighten up their day playing Mass Effect, I'm all for it.

And of course, it is good PR to show that EA and Bioware support the troops.
Even I can see this…

People have every right to decide that they don't want to buy the game, MEPC, based on the DRM scheme it uses or the 3 activations I get. Personally, I agree that 3 activations are too few in this day and age where most people have several desk top computers and a laptop or two. Hence, I would like to see the activations get upped to at least 5-6 or better yet, nine.

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