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May 11th, 2008, 16:46
[Have you never enjoyed a game made by anyone else then? The old gothics are really only games you've ever enjoyed in your many years of gaming?]

Played and enjoyed many kalniel, the list is too long to mention but they include all the ultima's, all of the fantasy stars, many of the forgotten realms series, arx fatalis, planescape, the nw-nights, the icewind dales, the lands of lore series, the d/b-divinities, all the bards tales, many of ssi series, the baldersgates, the dungeonsieges, revenant, daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion, the witcher, hard to be a god, the dooms, the quakes, krondor, heretic's, skullkeep, many early dos games, the dungeonmasters, the bitmaps brothers compilations, summoner, rune, quest for heroes, many shooters - the max paynes - the duke nukems, the diablo's, desperado's, the prince of persias, chrome, holy sword, black and white, call for heroes, robin hood, pirates, severance, over 200 sega genesis games, the kings quest series, many fun games eg: meggalo-mania, lemmings etc'

…yet no other game has had me glued in deep fixation of riddle solution finding as G1 as per past forum discussion - it beat all of the experts. It was superior to our gameplaying ideology, we could only comprehend the simplicity but not the complexity, maybe one day it will be explained but i very much doubt it. Piranha bytes had stepped beyond the boundaries of game comprehension with G1 and i even suspect some of this overflowed into G3, therefore this element will never be beaten as is has not yet been realised or published by anyone to date.

So in comparison "Arcania" will have a job to compete with the "hidden-depth" of G1and G3 though it seems they are making good progress in the right direction (especially graphics) from the fan's feedback and requests. Clues/riddles etc' i suspect will be mostly on the surface geared more to the ability of younger and more contemporary gaming audience, we will see.
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