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May 12th, 2008, 00:43
Originally Posted by Shagnak_oopswotlogin View Post
Well, plenty of people play it on 2000 and XP so it's hardly "impossible". It has never taken me much effort. Or several Codexers who have been giving it a go recently.

I was going to recommend this thread for instructions on what to do:
…but I see you're already posting there.

I didn't say "impossible" so stop misquoting me, I said "almost", and it is.

I have tried every known trick on the net to get it to run on my system with no luck. You say you played in on XP about 5 years ago so that means you played it before any of the service packs had been added, that might be the reason you were able to run it. I have talked to others who have tried to run it on WinXP+ SP2 and I haven't found a single person yet who got it to work properly.

There was one person over at Ironworks that was experiencing the same issue I was who finally got it to work by using a program called QEMU, which actually emulates an entirely different system on your computer. I downloaded it and gave it a try but couldn't quite figure out how to run it. I finally decided it just wasn't worth going through all that.
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