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May 12th, 2008, 00:18
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
You say you played in on XP about 5 years ago so that means you played it before any of the service packs had been added, that might be the reason you were able to run it.
Yeah, originally. But I have played it within the last couple of years and that is likely to be post - SP2 (SP2 was released mid 2004).
And, as stated before, there are people on the Codex who have been playing it recently and I can't imagine that their secret was to have a computer that they haven't updated for over 2 years.

Originally Posted by JDR13
There was one person over at Ironworks that was experiencing the same issue I was who finally got it to work by using a program called QEMU, which actually emulates an entirely different system on your computer. I downloaded it and gave it a try but couldn't quite figure out how to run it. I finally decided it just wasn't worth going through all that.
There are other easier to use alternatives than QEMU for emulating another OS. VMWare Server is free, as is VirtualBox and that MS one (VirtualPC?). No idea about W&W success - but I imagine that the virtual video cards in each case lack the 3D functionality required. I could be wrong.




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