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May 12th, 2008, 21:38
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post

In Aventuria, however, a Lindwurm is a rather degenerated dragon. A Tatzelwurm, rather. Because wurm = worm, and a *real* dragon would apparently not liked himself to be called a "worm" …
Sorry Al, but depending on what current TDE says (i unfortunately exited P&P with the 3rd) you´re talking relative rubbish here.

There´s almost no dragon creature in Aventuria called a "lindworm".
Tatzelwurm and his equally, if not worse, `smelly´ relative from the swampy terrains, the Grubenwurm (engl. like pit worm) are regressive dragon forms, indeed - but certainly do not fall under the category of lindworms officially AFAIK.

And the only `real´ Aventurian lindworm that immediately comes to my mind is the three-headed Giant Lindworm is as insidious and sneaky, i.e. intelligent as his cousins which bear the `dragon´ attribute in their names - like the Imperial or the Purple Dragon - hence far from anything like "degenerated". Of course it does have wings, too.

All that said under the premise that the latest 4th Edition has not further diversified the bestiary of the dragon-like species, thus possibly introducing more lindworms and classifying those as being degenerated forms of the previously mentioned.

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