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May 13th, 2008, 01:18
The perfidity lies in the fact that software comanies do as if "their" laws would apply, thus trying to enforce laws that are in the EULA because they are originally U.S. laws, but are not applicable for example in any african country.

They usually do not adjust the EULAs to the countries' laws, but instead keep the formulations so as if the e.g. U.S. laws would apply …

The effect of this is that people get the feeling as if the U.S. law was valid even I their own countries !

This is incredibly subtle and not to nail down at all.

And the overall *effect* is that of a kind of sublte export of U.S. laws intoother countries - especially when the companies do so much lobbying that the politicians are subtly "pushed" into the belief that they should "invent" similar laws to those of the U.S. (in this example) !

According to an article I once read the resiult is in a few countries that the copyright laws modified there in recent tiomes are even more restrictive than in the U.S. ! Hooray to powerful lobbying !

This is so subtle that almost no-one ever notices this.
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