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May 14th, 2008, 21:44
Very nice review Dhruin…

I haven't played 5 yet, because I recently finished Geneforge 1 and wanted to take a a short Spiderweb break (playing Might and Magic 7 right now). But I am anxious to play A5. I'm a pretty big Spiderweb fan, so I'm sure I will enjoy the game very much.

Your statement:
In fact, with one particular game, the graphical fidelity meant I really struggled to accept some silly, minor issues that broke “the third wall”, while Avernum's minimal animations and evocative text let my imagination roam free.
really rings true for me. I think it's why I enjoy playing older games so much more. Since I grew up during the infancy of computer gaming I was forced to use my imagination in every game I played, and that leads to a much more personal a powerful experience (for me anyway).

Geneforge 1 (and all of Jeff's other games) was really good at that. Even though the graphics are minimal in this day of "super duper 3D engines", the atmosphere conveyed by the narrative allowed me to picture the world I was in using my imagination. That made it much more powerful than looking at Oblivion's beautiful landscapes and having no choice but to view it the way the developers made it look.

Anyway… nice review. I can't wait to play A5!
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