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May 16th, 2008, 20:39
As far as I can see nobody's mentioned the "Book of the new sun" tetralogy by Gene Wolf(e?). Those books are my absolute favourites when it comes to series. A strange post apocalyptic medieval world with glimpses of alient technology, and some kind of magic. Great.

I've also enjoyed the Foundation trilogy, Riverworld, and all of Niven's Known Space books. And the Heechee saga. And Jack Chalker's Well of Souls. And A. Reynolds' Revelation Space++. - A really fierce competition for the second position on the list, in other words.

I did enjoy the Lensman series when I first read it at the age of 20. When I reread the books 30 years later, I wasn't too impressed - perhaps I've beens poiled by the books mentioned above.

The top of my single book list goes to Dune. I did not care for the following books or the spin offs. So it doesn't count as a series for me.

Nobody knows anything about the Heechee. except Chuck Norris of course.




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