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May 16th, 2008, 21:18
The two best Science Fiction stories of all time are both by Alan Bester, probably the best of the unsung Sci-Fi writers.

The Demolished Man

The Stars My Destination aka. Tiger, Tiger

Stars won the Hugo award for the Best Science Fiction Story of All Time ( a few years before Dune a came out). Its possibly the most cynical thing you ever read.

It focusses in on mainly one concept: what if people learned to teleport? What would be the consequence. Its clearly the inspiration for the book series and movie called Jumper that was released recently.

Demolished Man is similar in that its a one concept idea: what if telepathy were real? The theme of a crimeless society through mindreading was picked up in Star Trek and several other places.

Critics have compared these two books of Bester's as precursors to the Cyberpunk or the "Future Shock" type sci-fi of the late 70's.

Also an accomplished Comic writer, Bester hadn't written anything (significant) in years after his initial successes. In the 1980's he began writing novels again such as Golem 100 which were mediocre at best.

If you give those first two a read you will have to keep reminding yourself that they were written in the 1950's.
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